Aqua Feed

An increasing proportion of barley, wheat bran etc is being incorporated into diets for broilers as a result of the price advantage of barley over wheat and the availability of enzymes able to minimise the undesirable consequences of high barley inclusion. The successful use of enzymes in this branch of the poultry industry has stimulated interest in the application of enzymes to barley/wheat bran-based diets. Increased availability of dietary components (starch and protein) released by enzymes from intact cells is probably of equal importance and argues for the use of multienzyme preparations. Although there are physiological reasons for augmenting the digestive capacity of pigs with supplementary enzymes at the time of weaning, feeding trials have failed to produce definitive results in terms of improved performance or reduced neonatal mortality. A similar variable response to enzyme addition to grower and finisher diets has been found. The limited nutritive value of some released carbohydrate and variable survival of enzymes during processing and within the digestive tract may account, in part, for variations in response. Phytase, an enzyme newly available in commercial amounts, may prove of value in reducing the phosphorus content of effluent from intensive rearing facilities.

  • >> Enzymes degrade feed materials
  • >> Improves digestibility
  • >> Increases weight and productivity
  • >> Decreases mortality
  • >> Eco-friendly and easy to handle
Product Name Functionality Download DataSheet Reach Certificate
SYNKROZYMETM PHY CONC Concentrated Phytase Enzyme Powder
SYNKROZYMETMPHY Phytase Enzyme Powder
SYNKROZYMETM PFEB Feed Enzyme Blend for Animal
SYNKROZYMETM AFEB Feed Enzyme Blend for Aqua
SYNKROZYMETM AA Alpha Amylase Enzyme Powder
SYNKROZYMETM BG Beta-Glucanase Enzyme Powder
SYNKROZYMETM GA Glucoamylase Enzyme Powder
SYNKROZYMETM CE Cellulase Enzyme Powder
SYNKROZYMETM LI Lipase Enzyme Powder
SYNKROZYMETM PECT Pectinase Enzyme Powder
SYNKROZYMETM LS Feed Enzyme with Probiotic, Lactobacillus Acidophilus
SYNKROZYMETM BS Feed Enzyme with Probiotic, Saccharomyces Boulardii