Tea - Enzymes

SYNKROPECT® T SPL is an optimized formulation of Pectinase and Cellulase enzymes derived from selected strains of microorganisms. This enzyme formulation has been specifically developed for breaking down of the cell walls in tea leaves during processing so that the leaves are better oxidized during fermentation and release intracellular compounds which contribute to the enhanced flavour and liquor.


  • >> Assists in degrading pectic compounds, cellulosic fibres and other hemicellulosic materials present in young tea shoots
  • >> Facilitates effective release of catechins and other oxidative enzymes during fermentation
  • >> Enhances TF, TR, TLC, Brightness, cuppage etc
  • >> Removes pectin and other biopolymers from liquor
  • >> Reduces the amount of fibrous tea waste
  • >> Improves the appearance and flavour of processed tea
  • >> Improved value realization and Cost Benefit Ratio

Sustainability, Environmental and Social Impact

We are committed to promoting sustainability in Tea industry. Impact on people health, environmental protection are also very high on our agenda. We continuously develop modern, sustainable products and procedures that are drastically less impactful on the earth and people. It ultimately reduces waste, lessens emissions, and plays an important role in contributing to a thriving economy.