>> Alcohol Yield Enhancement

>> Enzyme for Simultaneous Saccharification and Fermentation

>> Dextranase Enzyme for Sugar Industry

>> Enzyme for B-Heavy Molasses

>> Liquefaction Enzyme for Grain Alcohol Production


SYNKRODEX - Dextranase Enzyme for Sugar Industry

SynkroDex is a Dextranase Enzyme produced from the Fungal Strain under controlled condition. It hydrolyses the alpha (1, 6) glucosidic bond contained in dextran to release either glucose or isomaltose.

Dosage: The initial recommended dosage is 4 – 5 PPM of cane mash

SYNKRO (S) AMY- Starch-hydrolyzing enzyme

SYNKRO (S) AMY is a starch-hydrolyzing enzyme with high heat and pH stability from a genetically modified strain of Bacillius-licheniformis. It is an endo-amylase that randomly hydrolyzes -1-4-glucosidic bonds to reduce the viscosity of juice and syrup by hydrolyzing the cane starch and producing soluble dextrin.

Dosage:3ppm in Mill Juice collection tank and 2ppm in Last evaporator Syrup tank

Benefits of Sugar Mill Process Enzymes
  • >> Prevent Sugar Loss by reducing dextran.
  • >> Reduces viscosity problem in Juice and syrups throughout the process
  • >> Increases filtration rate, Performance of Boiling house, Juice clarity & helps in uniform crystal formation and there by increasing Final Yield
  • >> Improves 0.1% Sucrose yield & reduces Sugar Crystal elongation


1 SYNKROZYME DAE Effective soaking enzyme for all kinds of Skins & Hides. For Molasses Based Distilleries
  • >> Specialized blend of enzymes and nutrients, available in powder form.
  • >> Formulated specifically for enhancing the Total fermentable sugar in Molasses leading to approximately 9-10 Liters of Extra- ENA Production per MT of Molasses.
2 SYNKROZYME DAE ENRICHED For Sustaining and Improving TRS in Raw Molasses storage Control the Acid forming contaminant microbes present in Raw Molasses and thereby Prevent the Loss of TRS by approx.2.0-3.0% while at storage period for 4-6 Months.
3 CORNZYME HTA Liquefaction Enzyme for Grain Alcohol Production. For Grain alcohol Based Distilleries
  • >> Thermostable starch-hydrolyzing bacterial enzyme.
  • >> The enzyme is an endo-amylase that randomly hydrolyses alpha-1,4-glucosidic bonds to reduce the viscosity of gelatinized grain slurry, producing soluble dextrins and oligosaccharides
4 CORNZYME CGA For Simultaneous Saccharification and Fermentation Catalyzes the release of simple sugars from from Dextrins of liquefied grain slurry while Simultaneous Saccharification and fermentation process
5 SYNKROZYME® DAE BM Enzyme for B-Heavy Molasses Enhances the Fermentation process efficiency leading to approximately 9-10 Liter of Extra-ENA Production per MT of Molasses.

Sustainability, Environmental and Social Impact

We are committed to promoting sustainability in Sugar, Distillery & Brewery industry. Impact on people health, environmental protection are also very high on our agenda. We continuously develop modern, sustainable products and procedures that are drastically less impactful on the earth and people. It ultimately reduces waste, lessens emissions, and plays an important role in contributing to a thriving economy.