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In Sugar Industries Dextran is one of the major problem creating component. It reduces the overall process efficiency by increasing the Viscosity of Sugarcane Juice and Syrup, reduces the boiling house efficiency, interfering with the crystallization process leading to yield reduction.

SynkroMax Biotech, the solution provider for the Dextran related problem through the enzymatic hydrolysis process to overcome the above hurdles in the process yield efficiency by 1% and thereby saving approximately 1-2kgs of Sugar loss in the process.

Key solutions: Viscosity reduction in Sugarcane Juice & syrup, avoid crystal elongation, increase boil house efficiency, increases 1% overall efficacy and helps to overcome the filtration process

Product for Sugar Industry

“SynkroDex5000” enzyme is the most efficient method for hydrolyzing these dextrans at sugar mills.

The Enzymes for Sugar Industry offer the following benefits:
  • Reduces the Viscosity problems due to dextran content in juice & Syrup while processing
  • Increases the efficiency of Boil House
  • Modification in final molasses purity
  • Saves approximately 1-2.0 Kgs of Sugar loss per Ton of crushed sugarcane due to Dextran
  • Increases the clarity of juice and final yield, Increases the extraction capacity due to faster filtration rate