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Molasses based Alcohol Industry

Distillery Enzymes for Sugarcane & Sugar beet Molasses

The Enzymes for Sugar Industry offer the following benefits:
  • Alcohol Yield Enhancing Enzyme, Specialized blend of enzymes and nutrients, available in powder form which increases the yield of the ENA by approximately 6-9 L / t by Converting not easily fermentable polysaccharides, Oligosaccharides, Dextrans(together 5-10%) in to readily fermentable form of sugar to yeast resulting in Extra- ENA Production from Sugarcane and Beet molasses

Products for Distillery – Molasses based

SynkrozymeTM - DAE (An efficient Alcohol Enhancer)
  • Increases total fermentable sugars in fermentation process by converting polysaccharides, Oligosaccharides and dextran content in Molasses to improve fermentation efficiency, resulting in increased alcohol yield
  • Gives around Min 6-9 liters of Extra Alcohol per MT of molasses during fermentation
  • Economical and adds more cost benefits

SynkrozymeTM – PME (Waste to Wealth)
  • Reduces decomposition time duration from 60 to 30 days of a compost heap faster turn over time for Bio-composting
  • Helps in disposing 1:5 ratio of spent wash/effluent, when compare with traditional Bio-composting process 1:2.5
  • Ensures zero discharge of effluent in to the environment and adds more cost benefits to distillers

Synkro Flora (Waste to Wealth)
  • Synkro Flora helps in producing good quality Bio-compost, by decomposing organic materials, producing nutrients for other microbes and inhibiting pathogens
  • Act on Bio-compost material leading slow release of nutrient complementing traditional fertilizers, helping to gradually build natural soil fertility
  • Helps in plant growth by acclimatizing around the Rhizosphere

Grain & other feed stock based Alcohol Industry

SynkroMax Starch Liquefaction Enzymes
  • Liquefy the starch slurry in to Dextrins from different starch based feed stocks such as Corn, Wheat, Bhajra, Jowar,Rice & Tubers such as Cassava, Sugar beet, Sweet potato etc.,
  • Starch liquefying Enzymes of SynkroMax with High activity, increases alcohol yield by 1%-2.0%
  • By rapid slurry viscosity reduction, enables process efficiency. 2% energy savings or more adds to your bottom line.

SynkroMax Saccharifying enzyme provides maximum dextrin conversion and consistent fermentation across variable mash and plant conditions.
  • Rapid glucose generation , Maximum dextrin conversion, Greater operational flexibility
  • Releases bound starch by disintegrating corn-fiber matrix that’s inaccessible to traditional glucoamylases and Increases ethanol yield by 1-2.0%
  • Our product saves energy consumption by 2-4% .

Tailor-made enzymes shall be made available for appropriate feed stock.